Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chef for a Day

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I'm busy revamping the restaurant web site by rewriting it from the ground up to make it much easier to maintain. This is causing the old dog to learn new ASP and CSS tricks. I hope to launch the new site at the beginning of the year. Bear with me while most of my energy goes into completing this much needed renovation.

We have a great program here at the restaurant called Chef for a Day and it is much like what it sounds, a chance for our customers and others to come spend a day working as part of the crew here at the restaurant. Here is our latest victim, Dr. Natasha, a real live medical doctor too, working on the Farmers Market Slaw for our crab cakes.

Not only do our chefs for the day enjoy the program, we do too. Being stuck here inside our four walls all the time, we don't get out much and this is a way of bringing an outside perspective into our kitchen.

We host our chefs for the day on our slower days of the week so that we can integrate our guests into the flow as much as possible. On busy weekends, it's all our crew can do to get the food out, without having to worry about a newbie in the kitchen.

It's an interesting study in personality. Some of our guests stand around timidly, afraid to make the slightest mistake, while others just jump right in. We prefer the ones who just jump right in.

For more information about the program, refer to the restaurant web site.

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