Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Frequently Asked Question Index

I launched One Blog West reluctantly in March of 2008 after much encouragement from my customers at One Block West restaurant. I resisted blogging for years because I couldn't see what purpose a restaurant blog could possibly serve. But now that I am firmly in the blogosphere, I see that not only does my blog serve many purposes, but those purposes seem to be evolving over time.

On a personal level, blogging fulfills my need to write; I like to write. And after a stressful day, venting on the blog can be therapeutic. Also, I continue to meet fantastic people and other bloggers from all over the world. Many customers read the blog to stay apprised of the goings on at the restaurant. Other people from all over the world read to learn about food and to see recipes, even though they'll probably never visit the restaurant. A bunch of chefs are lurking out there, reading about my tribulations and knowing that we all face the same issues; for them, I am a something of a spokesman. Others read to get an inside view of the restaurant business, living the life vicariously through the Web. For all these purposes and others as yet undiscovered, I blog.

So, now that I have tackled the question "Why One Blog West?", here are other questions that I am asked very often.

  Why is your restaurant named One Block West?
  Where did you train?
  What kind of food do you serve?
  What kind of knives do you use?
  Do you really shop locally?
  How do I sell to One Block West?
  Do you cook at home?

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