Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy, Busy

Thanks for the emails asking if I'm alive. It's been something like 6 days since I posted something. I'm just swamped is all. Two Chef's Tastings and a big Easter Brunch menu have sucked up all my spare time for writing, not to mention an inordinate amount of paperwork.

Here are a couple of tidbits for you:

A customer called us four times yesterday to keep us in the loop about her progress in getting another couple to join them for dinner this weekend. Last status update: she was unable to get in touch with them, but she left a voicemail for them. ;)

A customer called last evening at 6:55pm for a 7:00pm reservation. Why waste the cell phone minutes? ;)

A young lady booked a table for six for a birthday party earlier this week. She was breathlessly excited on the phone about coming to the restaurant for the first time. Three of the party arrived, were seated, ordered a coffee and two iced teas, then after two sips, asked for the check and walked out. Clearly a case of sticker shock, but why not look at the menu on-line before booking? This booking caused me to bring on one more server than I would have normally and not only did the server get stiffed on tips, it cost me far more to pay the server minimum wage than I got paid for the three drinks. How's that for rude?

I attribute all this to a full moon this week. How else do you explain it? Oh, wait, I forget, it's just business as usual here at the restaurant. Cheers!

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