Friday, February 17, 2012

Alien Ingredient #14: Choclo

There are many brands of the large kerneled South American corn called choclo in the freezer case over at the market, both on the cob (entero) and off (en grano). I chose a bag that to my eye was the best looking, with the most uniform, least blemished kernels.

You can see that by American standards, the kernels are huge. I ate a kernel right out of the bag, still semifrozen. It tastes like corn, albeit with a slightly thicker pericarp (skin) and a starchier interior.

By any other name, it is still corn and can be used in any corn application. The perfect application for me is soup and this bag ended up in a soup with black beans and hominy (mote blanco).

Vote: nothing much to write home about: it's just corn.

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