Friday, September 26, 2008

Do You Cook At Home?

I keep forgetting to add this question to the FAQs. I probably answered it five times in the dining room last evening alone.

I think most customers don't realize that for us chef/owners of restaurants, home is the place where we sleep between shifts at the restaurant. One Block West is open five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, so that leaves just Sunday and Monday when I might cook.

Surely you've heard about the cobbler's children's shoes. Ask the chef's children about dinner.

Most of the time, I don't really want to cook on my day off. Also, I love to go out to eat at other restaurants, to sample different food and to catch up with their owners, so chances are good that we might go out one evening of Sunday or Monday.

But still, I do try to cook at least one night a week at home. The cooking tends to be very simplistic and very quick to prepare and clean up, especially on Mondays when I have been at the restaurant since 7:30am doing paperwork and am beat.

Dinner tends to be a couscous, a pasta, a pasta salad, a composed salad, a soup, fried rice, or something else with a lot of grains and vegetables and very light on the meat, if there is any at all.

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