Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sweet Potato Leaves

Yesterday while working through the bottomless pile of paperwork that obscures my desk, I got to surfing and ran across a mention of eating sweet potato leaves at Food Rockz. That inspired me to fire off an email to Beth Nowak of Mayfair Farm asking if she could bring me some sweet potato vines, which you see here, so that I could play with them.

Just for grins, I chiffonaded some of the tender leaves and cooked one batch for five seconds in clarified butter and another batch in bacon grease. The first batch tasted like clarified butter and the second like bacon grease. That's to say that there's probably a reason that sweet potato greens are not a highly sought after vegetable, but they're also perfectly edible and there's no reason you shouldn't try them.

I'll put the rest of them with some dish on tonight's menu.

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