Friday, July 30, 2010

West Indian Gherkin

At the market this morning, I spied some of these pointy beasts at Mark Bishop's stand. I haven't seen West Indian Gherkins (Cucumis anguria) in a long time, so I brought the little cucumber cousins home with me to share with the crew and with my blog readers. I'm sure they'll end up in the next batch of pickles that I put up, hopefully next week.

In the garden, you'll see that the vines are of similar size to common cucumber (C. sativus) vines, but that the leaves more closely resemble watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) leaves than cucumber leaves. They're prolific little guys too. One plant yields dozens of fruits. If you see some at a market near you, bring them home and give them a try.


  1. I have an Indian gherkin in my garden right now and it's finally putting up enough fruit that I might be able to make my first jar of cornichons. My dad was big into pickling and always grew amazing cucumbers for it, but of course, I wasn't into it when I was a kid living at home. I hope I don't screw it up! I'll have to call him for some advice.

    Also, I enjoyed your post about bitter melon. I didn't appreciate it until I was older--just like dark chocolate and other bitter flavors. My parents, Filipinos, cooked it a few times a month. I pick up a huge batch whenever I visit the local Asian market. I don't peel it, but I seed it, then saute it with some pork and beaten eggs. I crave it all the time!

  2. Judith Marlyn Margriet QuantJanuary 11, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    Hmmmm yummie yummie I like Indian gherkin or as we call it here on the island of Aruba komkomber delicious we make stew of it...