Saturday, March 29, 2008

Got Farmers Market?

If you've got a local farmers market, have you been this week? I just walked to our market from the restaurant and found a few goodies for tonight's menu. I've got to say that the walk due west into a stiff west wind was chilly.

From the lower left starting with the Brussels sprouts in the dish and working clockwise, we have:

Brussels sprouts that I will blanch and then sauté at the last minute in duck fat to accompany the Lapin au Vin (rabbit braised in red wine with bacon, cipollini onions, and porcini mushrooms). These small sprouts were just picked and are very sweet.

Green onions that will go in lots of things including the Farmers Market Slaw that we'll plate with our crab cakes tonight.

Daffodils that will sit on the counter to bring some cheer to that windowless box we call a kitchen.

Rapini (or broccoli raab) that when sautéed with tomatoes and garlic will sit under the turbans of flounder stuffed with scallop mousse.

Blushing Golden apples, the last half bushel remaining, that will end up in a sauté with wild mushrooms as an appetizer.

Radishes that will end up, those that I don't eat out of hand, in the Farmers Market Slaw.

Red onions that will also end up in the slaw and in the Yukon Gold potato sauté under the grilled yak.

P.S. The first thing I did before writing this post was to consult the Google oracle, to see if it could clarify which usage, farmers market, farmer's market, or farmers' market, is preferred. The first hit on "ap style guide farmers market" was this article which says farmers market is the preferred term. Now I know.

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