Saturday, March 8, 2008

What, do we *NEED* a reservation?

When we ask you if you have a reservation and you don't have one, please don’t look around the dining room at the obviously empty tables, roll your eyes, and ask us in your best sarcastic you-must-be-the-stupidest-moron-on-this-planet voice, “What, do we need one?”

We are professionals and we are not asking just to annoy you or to put you in your place. Believe it or not, we don't know if you booked and want to find out because:

  • You might have requested a specific table.

  • You might have had flowers delivered and we need to get them to you.

  • You might have requested a special menu or special dish.

  • You might have a special dietary need that we discussed when booking.

  • You might leave something behind and if we know who you are, we can get it back to you.

  • We might just be filling all our tables over the next 30 minutes and we might be tight on space even though it doesn’t look like it right this minute.

  • We might just want to know your name so that we can address you by it.

So, next time you go into a restaurant without a reservation and are asked if you have one, please just answer "No, we don't." Or better yet, volunteer the information before we have to ask.


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  2. That makes sense. I hope I've never asked sarcastically in the past; I have never meant to at least. If I do ask it is because I worry that the restaurant might be booked and will be filling up and we'll have to go somewhere else. We will have to try and make reservations more often!