Thursday, March 20, 2008

What's Your Mascot?

About three years ago, a big black cat with golden eyes adopted our restaurant. I have no idea what sex it is, but I prefer to think of it as male, for it is quite large. One Block West Cat, as I have come to think of it, moved into the tiny crawl space under our deck and I see it a couple of times a week, mostly around 7:45am when I arrive or sometimes very late at night I see its eyes glowing back at me when I leave.

OBW Cat clearly is not a social creature and I've never been within 20 feet of it: one look at a human and it disappears. None of the neighbors are feeding it and certainly nobody at the restaurant is either, but it seems healthy enough. At least we don't have to worry about mice and rats around our dumpster. Or the cat pestering diners on the deck.

I've never been close enough to get a photo before: this one was taken from inside the dining room through lace sheers, which Photoshop was kind enough to remove. Every restaurant should have a mascot, don't you think?

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  1. Great informative article! Chambourcin is also being grown in Columbia, Missouri, in a small research/demonstration area on Stephens College campus. Think library collection? Even after severe cluster thinning, some vines produced 50+ clusters of gorgeous berries. Brix 20.5, 21.2, and 22.5 from harvesting over 3 weeks. wish I could attach a photo! Hope to dine with you when next in VA. cheers, margo