Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do You Have a Food Allergy?

If you have a food allergy, when you go out to eat, please make that known to your server before you order your meal. Don't do what a young man did today.

He ordered our lunch ravioli special, filled with ricotta and organic pesto (made from both pine nuts and walnuts), and then refused the dish when it got to the table because it was garnished with pine nuts, stating that he had a nut allergy.

What if he hadn't seen the pine nuts and had eaten the ravioli?

What if he ordered a salad that contained no nuts, but the cook who assembled the salad tossed it in a bowl in which he just tossed a salad containing nuts?

What if the cook seared his tuna on the same flat-top grill on which he just cooked an order of hazelnut-crusted mahimahi?

What if the cook sliced his chicken with a knife that he just used to crush walnuts for a salad?

What if?

Why play roulette? And moreover, why do it in my restaurant?

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