Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How Do I Sell to One Block West?

Several times a week, I get phone calls from interested people asking if I would like to buy something from them. I'm always happy to talk about what you have to sell because I like to source products locally.

In general, I'm looking for a long-term relationship and a commitment to deliver product year-round or all season long, as appropriate. If, for example, it is the end of July, and you happen to have two bushels of cucumbers that you want to unload because you planted too many, I'm not going to be terribly interested. But, if you want to bring me nasturtium blooms, leaves, and seeds all through the summer, I'm going to be happy to do business with you.

And, I need delivery. Running my restaurant takes all my time, so I can't get away.

Also, if you sell meat, understand that it is very rare that I can take a whole animal. Part of my commitment to freshness is that I don't have a big freezer. If you can't sell me cuts of meat in quantity every week, it's going to be tough for us to do business. Not impossible, but tough.

By all means, if you have a great product that you think would fit with our menu at the restaurant, come in and chat. Bring a sample if you can. Even if we can't do business, I'd still like to meet you.

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