Monday, April 14, 2008

Surry Sausage

In one of my exceedingly rare moments of liberty from the restaurant, I was able to play a round of golf this afternoon. If you play, you know there's lots of time for contemplation while waiting for the agonizingly slow players ahead of you.

While waiting to hit my shots, I was running through my mental checklists for tomorrow, including the prep lists for two magazine photo shoots. It was on the golf course that it dawned on me that in an amazing coincidence, both editors asked that I prepare dishes containing Surry Sausage, a smoked pork sausage from the S. Wallace Edwards Company in Surry, VA.

Customers love this sausage. I love this sausage. When I do demos in public using this sausage, people try to buy all the sausage that I have brought for the demo! It is that good. There's more information on these sausages in my January 2008 newsletter.

You'll be happy to know that even though I have to buy a minimum of 20 pounds at a time, you can buy smaller retail packages directly from Edwards at You want either item number 89, a 5-pound package, or item number 100, two 2-pound gift packages. These sausages freeze very well.

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