Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chipotle-Glazed Coho Salmon

I just had to show you this dish. Sometimes we create dishes that just work. This is one of them. Not only does it look great, it also tastes fabulous. One of the dangers of a menu that changes daily as does ours is that I forget most of what I have cooked in the past. I don't want to forget this dish.

This is one of those dishes that Brandon, our sous chef, and I bounced back and forth a bit until it took final shape. The lentils were his idea and the orange salad was mine. The chipotle glaze was his idea, the orange juice in it mine. And so forth.

Here you see a disk of beluga lentils down on the soup plate with broccolini over. Then the medium rare Coho with its chipotle-orange glaze and finally, the orange salad (orange segments, red Corno di Toro pepper, green onion, salt, brown sugar, and vanilla extract).


  1. Would you please post the recipe that goes with this amazing looking dish?