Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nepalese Bell Pepper

You know why I love going to the farmer's market? Because sometimes I run into something that I've never seen before. Check out these small peppers that Seed Savers lists as Nepalese Bell Peppers. They are about as interesting looking a pepper as I have seen in years, almost hat-shaped. Here they are on a three-year old plant (yes, some peppers are perennials in their native habitats) that overwinters in the greenhouse. These peppers are starting to ripen into their orange phase and ultimately they will go red-orange.

Here are two green ones that fell off in transport. They are very thin-fleshed peppers and the bottom of the hat is very mild. Up around the stem and seeds, however, they have a good spike of heat that lasts several minutes. We're thinking that if we had enough of these little guys, we'd stuff them.


  1. It is very hard to find information on these peppers, especially with such great photos, thank you :)

    We also included a link to it on our Heirloom Seeds DB at http://www.heirloomseedsdb.com/heirloom-vegetables-database/peppers/nepalese-bell/ - would love to be able to include one of your photos if we could. I haven't managed to get seeds for this pepper to grow my own yet. Thanks!

  2. You may use my photo(s) with attribution. Thank you for asking.