Friday, August 28, 2009

You Know It's August When....

You know that it's August when you have more tomatoes than you know what to do with. I want to show off some of my outstanding tomatoes, tomatoes that you could eat tonight at the restaurant were you so inclined. First, here's the artsy magazine cover shot of some of our organic cherry tomatoes in all shapes and sizes.

Next, here is a top view of some of the haul from the market this morning. You see the lemon-shaped tomato at the top that is called imaginatively enough Lemon Tomato? To its left are two Pruden's Purples and to the right is a Caspian Pink. Just below it are two unindentified round red tomatoes. To the right of the Caspian Pink are two tomatillos, not even tomatoes but pretty nonetheless in both green and purple forms. The large red and yellow tomato below the tomatillos is known by many names including Old German, Pennsylvania German, Mr. Stripey, and Big Rainbow. To the right are a few black cherry tomatoes. Just below that is a very interesting fuzzy lemon yellow tomato called a Peach Tomato. Continuing clockwise you see a yellow plum tomato and then a Red Zebra, the small red and orange striped tomato which looks amazingly like the Green Zebra, none of which I have this year. Above the Zebra you see the pink Brandywine and flanking it, two green cherry tomatoes and an unidentified round red and yellow tomato.

Feast on!

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