Sunday, August 15, 2010

More on Crab Cakes

More on crab cakes: when a picture says it all.


  1. You might be pleased to know that I passed this along to some friends and it sparked a big debate. :)

  2. Josh, friends don't let friends do Old Bay!

  3. Not even on whole, steamed crabs? I'd welcome knowing what to aim for as a substitute, as I'm steaming some in the near future and could experiment with something new.

  4. K, so I'm hypocritical. While we never use Old Bay at the restaurant (and we never serve steamed crabs), when indulging in that great beer drinking food known as steamed crabs outside of the restaurant, a little (emphasis on a little) Old Bay is de rigueur.

    Try black bean paste, chile sauce, green onions, and garlic sometime, Chinese style, for another preparation in which the sauce overpowers the crabmeat.

  5. *phew!*

    I thought I had been missing out on some great secret with seasoning steamed crabs. Point noted on "a little" Old Bay, just enough to encourage more beer!

    And that black bean paste sounds like an outstanding option for my next oyster roast. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.