Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photo Caption Contest

This evening a customer (unknown to me, please identify yourself) sent this dish back to the kitchen with the message, "For the blog." This is clearly the detritus from a couple of Hawaiian Blue Prawns that we served with Hebi (Shortbill Spearfish) and Seaweed, Edamame, and Pickled Ginger Salad.

I've named these guys Fred and George after the Weasley twins. Clearly something has clearly gone wrong with one of their pranks—their midsections are missing.

I have a $25 gift certificate for the person who comes up with the best caption for this photo. Decision is mine alone and I will decide on March 1, 2009. Post your caption as a comment or email it to me and I will do it. Make sure you identify yourself so that I can notify you if you win. Have at it!


  1. "When synchronized swimming goes wrong."

  2. "Pssst, are you sure sychnonized swimming will get us into the Olympics?"
    Michael Kitt

  3. As Hogwart's new Professors of Culinary Arts entered the kitchen, a puzzled hush fell over the class.

  4. "New dish: Crevettes Mangé"

    --Kevin Zygmontas

  5. Roger Hardy submits:

    Good thing you found those fake tails. Your mother won't know what we're up to.

  6. I am the lucky person that had the pleasure of eating at OBW and had the Hebi with Blue Prawns....and yes, the artistic prawn dish.

    (insert artistic british voice here)
    ....I call this piece "prawn's struggle in the pelagic world"......
    kinda like Adam on mythbusters when describing one of his contraptions..

    Ed, the meal was fantastic, (the foie gras was the best I have ever had! the service impeccable), we are looking forward to our chef's table on Sat!

  7. “Just ignore it you said. It will go away you said.”

  8. "I've never been so humilitailed in my whole life!"

    Howard Guyer
    Albion, CA

  9. Amy Dow writes:

    "Was it the tail?! Did it make me look fat?!"

    or a more "elegant" one...

    "De la crevette est partie." - translated to "The shrimp leaves."

  10. I couldn't pick a winner, so I did a random drawing. Randomly, I picked "Just ignore it you said. It will go away you said." If the author will get in touch with me...