Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl

I guess it's fitting for Super Bowl Sunday to show you a Super Bowl of food that we did for a Chef's Tasting last evening. I like the way that all the elements of this dish came together. This dish is atypical Ed in that it has a lot of ingredients, but they all work together in my mind. This dish is really a play on three kinds of duck: preserved legs (confit), rare breast (magret), and seared liver (foie gras).

Starting from the bottom of the bowl and working up, we have asparagus tips and then a cassoulet made from heirloom Steuben Yellow Eye beans, duck confit that I put up back in the summer, and Surry sausage.

On top of this is a fan of rare magret de canard, Moulard duck breast. And just between the duck breast and the slice of seared foie gras are slices of black truffles. Around the plate you see prunes that I poached in apple cider and Armagnac. The light jus is a reduction of the cider-Armagnac poaching liquid and fat from the foie gras.

Cards v. Steelers? I don't think I really care. But I'm still miffed that there were more Steelers fans than Skins fans at Fedex when I was there in October for Monday Night Football and that the Steelers mauled us, and I like the way Larry Fitzgerald is playing, so edge to the Cards. Go Cards, I think, yawn. Oops, I think I might have just irritated our big contingent of customers who come down on weekends from Pittsburgh. Sorry. Maybe, just maybe, our Philly contingent of customers will think better of me. So who do our Harrisburg customers support? Buffalo?!? Go Skins!

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